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Our History

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Founded in 1998, the growth and success of HBI has been driven by the unique balance of a foundational commitment to craftsmanship and vast experience managing hundreds of building projects.

To support himself and his wife as they finished college, Craig Harris worked as a carpenter. The hours he spent building homes were an education in themselves, and this foundational, hands-on experience in the art and craft of home construction has never left him.

After earning a BA in Philosophy and possessing a richness of experience from which to draw, Craig chose to make his career in construction, and spent more than a decade ascending through the management ranks for mass production home builders, where he built a solid reputation and a successful career through an honest, straight-forward approach. However, while Craig developed an appreciation for the efficiency of production home building, he also developed a desire to apply that same efficiency with a high degree of quality and attention to detail.

Fueled by his vision of an approach that would balance both quality and efficiency, Craig chose to forge his own path, and Harris Builders Inc. was born. HBI has remained committed to this vision, and has seen it proven through numerous successful projects. And as HBI continues to grow, this commitment to creatively employ the best and most efficient construction practices to build homes of enduring quality and character will remain at the center of every project.

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